Top Zen Health & Wellness Tips – As Told By Miami’s Top Fitness Influencers

It’s time to rid your Instagram bookmarks of anything that no longer serves you. Reminders of past experiences that don’t deserve a place in your life now – purge it all. It’s time to make room for health and wellness!



To help you head into the summer season with a focus on #selflove vs. unrealistic #fitspo goals, we’ve enlisted Miami’s top health and wellness influencers – who happen to moonlight as FP Movement’s premier fitness instructors – to share their top tips to maintaining a healthy, happy mind and body. Check out their advice below and be sure to follow them on Instagram for more wellness words to live by!


“Learn how to listen to your body. Learning to listen to your body is an important part of having a healthy mindset

when it comes to exercise, nutrition, and life. Listening to your body helps you to know when to push harder,

when to rest, and when you might need to make changes in your nutrition.”






“No one in life is a master of anything. We often give the best advice that we don’t take ourselves.

So, in so manywords, we are our best teacher but forever a student!”






“Progress over perfection because perfection is the enemy of progress. And mind your own.”











“Work on the art of showing up, don’t overthink your workouts.

Master the art of making it to class or the gym, and then

one day you’ll realize all the progress you’ve made.

Don’t let your thoughts get in the way - just show up and move your body!





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“We all have the strength and power to reach our goals within ourselves, we just have to find it.

I live by this quote: ‘Training is not a space to judge ourselves, it’s a space to let go of our ego and

give ourselves a safe space to grow humbly.’”









“Listen to your body, it knows more than you think.

Rest when it needs to rest, remember every day is different.

Just keep listening to your body and showing up for yourself.”






“Find an exercise that you enjoy, something you actually look forward to.

When you dread exercising and feel forced into it, you’ll find any excuse to

skip it and eventually stop. If you love whatever form of fitness you choose,

you will do it consistently, leading to a happier, healthier you.

Fitness should be fun- like Pilates!”




“Bring awareness to your breath when you are moving,

and move daily to harmonize your body and mind as one.

The more in tune your breath and body

- the more peace you can find in this moment.”







“Find what motivates you. For me, group classes

are a great way to stay engaged,

and I always leave so energized!

Nothing beats moving together.”

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